About linen

  • High-quality linen has a long staple (individual fiber length) and it is a durable material that only gets better with washing. High-qualilty linen is also lint-free and it doesn't clog your washing machine's lint trap.
  • Linen has a high conductivity which makes it feel cool. It is also absorbent and dries fast. These properties make linen a comfortable material for clothing and bedsheets during summer.
  • Linen fibers are smooth and beautiful, and linen products are easy to keep clean.


"I would never change my linen towels back to regular cotton ones," said one of our customers once.


Congratulations on your new linen product!
Linen is a wet-strong but stiff fibre, and therfore you should soak your new linen product in water before the first few times you wash it. By doing this, you will avoid folds, and the coating will stay smooth. Use short spin cycle, and straighten the seams after washing. Iron while damp. Linen only gets better in use.
Have fun using your new linen product!
Undyed linen
can be washed at 60°C–90°C.
Dyed linen
can be washed at 40°C–60°C.
Handprinted products
can be washed at 30°C–40°C.